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Class Descriptions
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Brainiac Step

45 Minutes
$12 Drop-In | Membership or Bundle Applies

Step aerobics is one of the most energetic, addictive, and smart workouts. Fire up your brain and keep your mind as sharp as your quadriceps as you step up your workout with choreographed cardio on the step to inspiring music.

New to step? No problem! Check out my Step 101 Series on YouTube where I break down foundational step aerobics choreography.

This class is great even for beginning-beginners. Learn something new!

Required Equipment

Recommended Equipment
Step Risers, Mat

Mondays 5pm EST

Fridays 9am EST

Spin Cycle

45 Minutes
$12 Drop-in | Membership or Bundle Applies

Energize your spirit and pump vitality into your legs and heart. This indoor cycling class revs up your heartrate to slay maximum calories. Plus, you can sing along to the inspiring music – if you can catch your breath!

Required Equipment
Spin Bike

Wednesdays 5pm EST

Pump & Grind

45 Minutes
$12 Drop-in | Membership or Bundle Applies

Get lean and tone up with this robust strength class that is choreographed and set to music. No muscle will be overlooked on your way to a firmer, fitter physique. The body burns more fat with muscle on its frame — and it shows! We target everything in many different ways using strength training, pilates, barre, and core conditioning.

Required Equipment
Barbell with Plates (can substitute bodybar or dumbbells)

Recommended Equipment
Mat, Dumbbells, Step, Bands, Ball, Kettlebell, Pilates Ring, Resistance Bands\

Tuesdays 5pm EST

Thursdays 9am EST

Core Commitment

45 Minutes
$12 Drop-in | Membersip or Bundle Applies

Warm up your core with targeted movements that pack the heat! Bring deeper awareness to your musculature as you strengthen and shape your physique and achieve a more stable platform for fitness. This class draws from core and muscle conditioning, Pilates, barre, and yoga for a slow, focused, and hot workout.

Required Equipment


Recommended Equipment

Mat, Light Dumbells, a Chair or Barre, Resistance Bands, Bodybar, Medicine Ball, Ball

Wednesdays 9am EST

Gentle Yoga

45 Minutes 
$12 Drop-in | Membership or Bundle Applies

This restorative practice invites transformation as postures move gradually into fuller expression. The class includes trauma-informed flow and meditation. It is suitable for beginning beginners, as well as practiced yogis. Extra cues are used to assure proper alignment and movement in and out of postures. Props are encouraged for extra support.

Required Equipment
Yoga Mat

Recommended Equipment
Bolsters, Strap, Blocks

Saturdays 10am EST

REquired Hardware
& Software

Taking a virtual class requires some hardware and software.

  • a PC, tablet, or phone with internet access
  • speakers
  • a webcam or built-in video capability